WATCH – Jordanian TV Anti-Semitism: Rothschild Family ‘Assassinated Six U.S. Presidents’

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Raad Adayleh-Pool/Getty

TEL AVIV – A Jordanian TV channel recently broadcast an anti-Semitic program about the Rothschild family, which it wildly claimed was “the founder of the United States” and assassinated six U.S. presidents. The show spewed another anti-Semitic conspiracy claiming that “the Jews” control the White House and are willingly refusing to reveal the cures for cancer and AIDS.

The unhinged program, aired earlier this summer on Altaghier TV and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), included an interview with Jordanian economic analyst Mohammad Sami Abugoush who told the show’s host Rita Altaji that “any leader who refused to deal with the Rothschilds would be assassinated.”

Abugoush and Altaji agreed that it is the Rothschilds, and not President Emmanuel Macron, who rule France, and that “even the U.S. and the mighty British royal family do not rule Britain.”

Altagi and Abugoush further claimed that the Rothschilds were behind the assassinations of U.S. presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield, Harrison, Tyler and Jackson. Abugoush declared that Jews are in control of the weapons, pharmaceutical, shipping and agricultural industries. In addition, he said, they are purposefully withholding the cures for cancer and AIDS from the world in order to make money.


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