Arab Pundits Warn Iran Will Follow In Footsteps Of North Korea

An Iranian female student holds up her hand painted in the colours of her national flag during a rally in Tehran's Azadi Square (Freedom Square) to mark the 35th anniversary of the Islamic revolution on February 11, 2014. The 35th anniversary of the revolution that ousted the US-backed shah, comes …

TEL AVIV — Arabic social media has been buzzing with commentary on the most recent nuclear test performed by North Korea, with many blaming the situation on the international community’s nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.

Jamal Hweireb, an Emirati author who also serves as a government cultural adviser in Dubai wrote, “Iraq suffered a blockade for 13 years until 2003 when it was destroyed by Bush after he invented the lie about Iraq’s atomic bombs all while giving a pass to two criminal countries, Iran and North Korea. Interesting.”

Author, journalist and Syrian opposition figure Khatib Abdul actually expressed jealousy of Iran and North Korea, writing, “Iran declared that it will strengthen production of its missiles, North Korea has reached a hydrogen bomb all so that the West will take the two countries seriously. Us, the Arabs, what have we developed?”

Mahmoud Refaat, an international jurist from Egypt, wrote, “North Korea and Iran began their nuclear programs in the ’90s. Iran took advantage of America’s weakness and its difficulties when it invaded Iraq and developed its program and Korea is taking advantage of America’s weakness now with Trump.”

An exiled former Syrian government minister who opposed the regime of President Bashar Assad wrote, “Iran is applying the North Korean model in all regards to nuclear and ballistic armament and in all regards to its sectarian expansion in Iran, Yemen and Syria. Will we learn from our mistakes?”

Media personality Dr. Mahmoud Refaat wrote, “The hydrogen bomb was tested by the kid who controls North Korea while taking advantage of Trump’s weakness as the weakest president ever in the White House. He did the test. Now he has a bomb and scares the U.S.”

Director General of the Al Ummah Party in the United Arab Emirates, Hassan al-Diqqi, wrote, “Allah, may his name be blessed, is leading the tyrants of the world to their end through the actions of North Korea while they don’t understand that this path will lead to their fall from power.”

Senior Al Jazeera journalist Faisal al-Qasim wrote regarding China’s condemnation of the test, “Here’s a story, China protests the test of North Korea’s hydrogen bomb. We really believe you; without you there wouldn’t be a North Korea.”

In an additional tweet, al-Qasim wrote, “Here’s a story, Russia says it’s seeking a diplomatic solution when it’s clear to everyone that Moscow is the one inciting North Korea against the U.S. We’ve seen your diplomacy in Syria.”

Abdullah al-Shayji, a political science professor at the University of Kuwait, warned that Iran may follow in the footsteps of North Korea, writing, “We will see a replay of North Korea’s defiance of the international community through tests of nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs and ballistic missiles by Iran within 10 years! How are we preparing for that day?”

An activist with the Muteb network wrote, “If Korea challenges the world, know that China wants something from the U.S. or from the international community. Korea is the hammer by which China strikes!”

Saudi activist Muhammad al-Subeyii wrote, “This stupid bear will make the world respect him and even compete to form an alliance with him. Whoever has weapons today, the whole world becomes his friend.”


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