Egyptian Church Holds Special Prayer Service for Sinai Mosque Terrorist Attack Victims


TEL AVIV — A photo posted by a Coptic Christian activist showing a special prayer session in memory of those killed in the mosque attack in Sinai on Friday aroused great appreciation from other Egyptian citizens, who were quick to express their approval on social media.

In the terrorist attack on the Al Rawada mosque in the area of El Arish in northern Sinai, some 305 worshippers were killed during traditional Friday prayers. The mosque served the local members of the Sufi community.

In the wake of the deadly attack that caused great anger across Egypt, a number of Christian communities held special prayer sessions to remember the victims. One of the worshippers posted a photo from the church where he participated in the prayer to remember those killed called “prayer of the dead.”

The worshipper, Fareed al-Neqrashee, said, “The prayer took place so Allah will take under his mercy and his forgiveness those who were killed in the attack and so that Allah would strengthen the family members of those affected.”

The photo drew many sympathetic responses in which Egyptians stated their appreciation for the solidarity being shown by Egypt’s Christians toward the dead and wounded.

Those responding to the photo and the special prayers largely argued that terror failed in its attempt to drive a wedge between the different ethnicities in the country.

The special prayers at the churches weren’t the only gesture by members of the Christian community. Local media also reported on visits from Christian religious figures and priests at the hospitals where those wounded in the attack were receiving care.

A delegation of Christian clergymen went on a special visit to Muhammad Abdelfatah, the imam of the mosque that was attacked. One of the priests gave the imam a special gift – a framed verse from the Quran. According to the imam’s father, the gift was much appreciated and attests to the unity of the Egyptian people.



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