Jenna Jameson Slams Holocaust Memorial Vandals as ‘Scourge of the Earth’

Jenna Jameson

TEL AVIV – Former porn star turned entrepreneur Jenna Jameson condemned those who vandalized a Holocaust memorial in Greece as “scourge of the earth.”

Jameson retweeted a post by Jewish Agency spokesman Avi Mayer about the desecration of the memorial in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. “Appalling: Holocaust memorial in Thessaloniki, Greece desecrated with ‘Free Palestine’ graffiti. 94% of the city’s 50,000 Jews were murdered by the Nazis, virtually wiping out the Jewish community; today only about 1,000 Jews remain,” Mayer tweeted.

Jameson, a convert to Judaism, slammed the vandalism. “These people are scourge of the earth,” she wrote on Twitter.

Jameson, who is married to Israeli Lior Bitton, identifies as a Zionist and has in the past expressed staunch support for Jews and Israel.

Construction of a new Holocaust Museum in Thessaloniki is in the planning stages, the Athens-Macedonian News Agency’s radio station reported on Monday.

The museum will be a six-storey circular building of metal and glass on the spot where the death trains carrying some 50,0000 plus Jews from Thessaloniki began their journey to Nazi concentration camps.



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