Republican Jewish Group Calls for Top Democrat to Step Down Over Farrakhan Ties


TEL AVIV – A Republican Jewish group on Friday called for the resignation of a top Democratic congressman for his failure to condemn anti-Semitic preacher and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. 

“Today, with the revelation that third-ranking Democrat Rep. James Clyburn is connected to known anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, we call on (Democratic Party) Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to demand Clyburn’s resignation,” Republic Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks said in a statement.

Clyburn, who is in his 25th year as the representative of South Carolina’s 6th District, defended his choice to share a platform with Farrakhan at a Pittsburgh town hall meeting in 2011 to the Nation of Islam’s newspaper The Final Call despite calls from Jewish leaders to boycott the event.

“When it was revealed that Clyburn had shared a stage with Farrakhan in recent years, the Congressman had the opportunity to condemn Farrakhan, he chose not to,” Brooks continued.

A fellow speaker at the meeting withdrew in protest at Farrakhan’s participation, but Clyburn refused to do so, telling The Final Call that he was “not bothered in the least bit” by criticism of his choice.

“If Congressman Clyburn won’t condemn Louis Farrakhan’s virulent anti-Semitism, it is time for him to leave Congress,” Brooks said.

Breitbart Jerusalem reported that Rep. Danny Davis, an Illinois Democrat, came under fire last week from the Anti-Defamation League for praising Farrakhan as an “outstanding human being who commands a following of individuals who are learned and articulate.”

The ADL said, “It is unfortunate that the congressman apparently can’t muster up the courage to denounce Farrakhan’s blatant anti-Semitism and instead chose to praise him.”

A week prior, Farrakhan delivered a particularly rancorous anti-Semitic attack on Jews at the 2018 Saviour’s Day event in Chicago, calling Jews members of the “Synagogue of Satan,” claiming that Jesus called the Jews “the children of the devil” and saying “when you want something in this world, the Jew holds the door.”

“Jews were responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out turning men into women and women into men. And Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through,” the Nation of Islam leader said.

Progressive Zionist group Zioness charged three high profile leaders of the Women’s March, including Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour, with aligning themselves with Farrakhan, whom the group called an “unapologetic bigot.”

The RJC this week also called on seven other Democratic House representatives to resign over their affiliation to Farrakhan.

“Farrakhan is the moral equivalent of a leader of the KKK,” the RJC said. “If it was discovered that members of Congress had met with the leader of the KKK, they would need to resign. In this case, for meeting with and embracing Louis Farrakhan, nothing short of resignation is acceptable from these seven Democrats.”

Two of them, Rep. Gregory Meeks (NY) and Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), have since condemned Farrakhan.


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