WATCH: Palestinian Official – Israel ‘Summarily Executes’ Children

JERUSALEM – Israel was built on the bodies of the Palestinian children it “murdered,” the host of a program recently aired on official Palestinian Authority TV declared, an unhinged claim that was echoed by a senior Palestinian official who was interviewed on the show and charged the Jewish state with the “summary executions” of children.

“The occupation government [Israel], which claims it is democratic and has won the support of some of the world’s superpowers, has built itself on the bodies of children, and it still murders, imprisons and tortures them with the most extreme types of torture,” Walaa Al-Battat said according to a translation by Israeli monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch.

Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake supported Al-Battat’s falsehoods.

“[Israel] is still going further and further with arrests of the [Palestinian] children — not just arrests, but also execution and murder,” Karake said. “Children have been summarily executed. … This has occurred based on official decisions made by the Israeli government, which has decided that live bullets should be fired at what it calls ‘the rock throwers.'”

According to PMW, Al-Battat has exploited her position as a children’s TV host to repeat the libel that Israel targets and murders Palestinian children. At the beginning of the so-called knife Intifada in November 2015, when Palestinian terrorists — many of them in their teens — were stabbing Israelis, Al-Battat instructed Palestinian children “not to walk alone,” because Israel “targets children everywhere … these are barbarians” who “try to kill people for no reason.”

“The occupation [Israel] targets children everywhere. In their schools, near their homes. … We must be very careful now. We are confronting the occupiers who act in a very barbaric terrorist way. They are trying to kill people everywhere. These are barbarians, my young friends. They try to kill people for no reason, who are just walking on their land,” she said.

Karake, who heads up the Prisoner Affairs ministry, routinely accuses Israel of mistreating imprisoned terrorists. He also refers to them as “freedom fighters” who are deserving of praise and the generous salaries the PA gives them in accordance with its pay-to-slay policy.


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