Media Fail: Majority Support U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and US President's daughter Ivanka Trump unveil an inauguration plaque during the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018. - The United States moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem after months of global outcry, Palestinian anger and exuberant praise from …

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that a majority side with President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital despite the best efforts of America’s establishment media to depict last week’s opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem as a debacle.

Moreover, the trend lines in the poll clearly show that Trump won the national debate on this issue against a vast media and establishment propaganda campaign to portray it as an amateurish mistake that would explode the Arab world.

Late last year, when Trump announced the move, only 40 percent of those polled supported the president’s decision, while a near-equal number of 36 percent were opposed. Basically, the country was evenly split.

Today, however, that division has evaporated. While a majority of 51 percent support the move, only 29 percent disagree.

What’s more, the poll was taken on May 14 and 15, which means it was taken during the ceremonies surrounding the embassy’s opening while the media basically sided with Hamas. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz explained what happened:

[Hamas uses] the dead baby strategy. You use children and women, you deliberately put them on the front lines, you make it impossible for Israel to defend itself without occasionally killing a woman or a child or an elderly person. And every time Israel accidentally kills somebody like that, Israelis grieve. Israel loses. Hamas cheers and celebrates because that’s exactly what they want. They want the media to show the body count. They want the media to show the dead baby, even though Israel tried everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties. … Israel did exactly what America is doing and the world ought to condemn: Hamas and also the media that incentivizes and encourages Hamas to do this by reporting in such a biased manner.

Throughout almost all of Monday and Tuesday, the same days this poll was taken, the media swamped the airwaves with horrific pictures that blamed Israel — and, by extension, Trump — for “instigating” this violence with the embassy move.

Newspapers, websites, and cable TV were full of self-proclaimed experts and elites accusing Trump of having “blood on his hands.”

Obviously, none of it worked. The American people moved in the exact opposite direction. 

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