Netanyahu Applauds Tehran Protests, Says Iran Sanctions Bearing Fruit

Iranian protesters shout slogans during a demonstration in central Tehran on June 25, 2018. - Traders in the Iranian capital's Grand Bazaar held a rare protest strike today against the collapse of the rial on the foreign exchange market as demonstrators also took to the streets. (Photo by ATTA KENARE …

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says mass anti-government demonstrations in Iran prove that international economic pressure against the Islamic Republic is working.

Netanyahu told an IAF Flight School graduation ceremony that U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the international nuclear deal with Iran is causing “economic upheaval” and undermining public support for the hard-line Islamist government.

“Not only has the re-imposition of sanctions not united the Iranian public around the regime, the complete opposite is happening,” he said. “Many in Iran understand that the regime of the ayatollahs is wasting precious resources on foreign military subversion instead of investing in civilian needs at home.”

His view is shared by many in Washington:

As Breitbart Jerusalem has reported, Iran’s capital Tehran has been the scene of daily protest this past week.

Although thousands of Iranians are rebelling over the Islamic Republic’s decision to spend money on Iran’s adventurism abroad instead of helping fuel its troubled domestic economy, President Hassan Rouhani blamed the protests on “foreign media propaganda” and reportedly accused the United States of waging “an economic war” against his country.

For his part, Mr. Netanyahu says Israel will apply pressure wherever it sees the opportunity.

“We will continue to act in full force against the Iranian plan to use Syria as a deadly missile launching base against us,” he said.

“Our Air Force is stronger than ever and we ensure it has the best weapons, technology and above all the people Israel has to offer,” Netanyahu added.

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