U.S., Israel Plan Joint Team to Enforce Iran Sanctions

Iranian girls gather around their teacher in the clasroom at Sizdah Abban school in north of Tehran 01 October 2006. Iranian students went back to school a week ago. US President George W. Bush signed into law yesterday a set of sanctions targeting foreign countries that continue nuclear cooperation with …

Ynetnews reports: Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin agreed Tuesday at a meeting in Washington to set to establish a joint team to work on enforcing economic sanctions on Iran. During their meeting in Washington, the two also discussed the economic cooperation between Israel and the US and joint tax issues.

This is the fourth time the two ministers have met in the past year. The meeting’s main focus was enforcing US sanctions on Iran. The two agreed to enforce the sanctions in the high-tech sector, since the responsibility for implementing the economic sanctions rests with the ministries of finance of both countries.

The joint team will be staffed by professionals from Israel and the United States. “The economic sanctions on Iran led by the US are proving to be effective,” the finance minister said on Wednesday.

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