Watch: Saudi Arabia Arrests ‘Offensive’ Man Who Shared Breakfast with Co-Worker

Twitter SCreenshot/via KSA
Twitter Screenshot/via KSA

A hotel worker who appeared in what Saudi Arabia officials described as an “offensive” video eating breakfast with a female co-worker has been arrested.

Vision of the pair carrying out their illegal act in the ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom sparked outrage on social media after it was shared on Twitter:

The offending 30-second footage simply shows the pair eating breakfast at a desk and waving at the camera. At one point the woman, wearing a traditional black “abaya” robe covering all but her hands and eyes, feeds the man a piece of food.

The Egyptian man was arrested by the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development, who accused him of “committing several violations and taking up a post exclusively reserved for Saudis”.

Not everyone was upset at the couple. Some took to Twitter to express their surprise at the reaction of officials:

The Arabic hashtag “an Egyptian having breakfast with a Saudi” has been used over 113,000 times on Twitter.

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