Moroccan Woman Accused of Cooking Boyfriend into ‘Traditional Dish’

An unidentified female Colombian suspect in handcuffs is presented to the press after her Monday arrest in connection with seized cocaine at a police base in Lima, Peru, Wednesday Aug. 17, 2011. According to police, about one ton of cocaine was seized during two operations, on Aug. 11 and Aug. …
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Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have arrested a Moroccan woman suspected of killing her boyfriend and later serving him as a traditional homemade dish, local officials said on Wednesday.

According to a report in local newspaper The National, the unnamed Moroccan woman in her mid-30s allegedly wanted revenge when her boyfriend left her after she had given him financial support over the course of their seven-year relationship.

Prosecutors in the city Al-Ain said they believed the woman killed her boyfriend three months ago, although she was only arrested after the victim’s brother went looking for him and found a tooth inside her blender. After a series of DNA tests, they determined that the tooth belonged to the boyfriend.

She later admitted to local authorities that she disposed of his body with the help of a friend but kept some of his flesh to mince in the blender. She then cooked his body before serving to local Pakistani workers as a traditional rice and meat dish known as machboos.

Initially, the woman told police that she had merely kicked her boyfriend out of her home, but she later cracked and admitted her crime, describing it as a moment of “insanity.” She has now been sent to a local hospital for mental health checks. During questioning, the woman’s friend claimed to have not witnessed the crime but did notice blood stains in her home.

Those found guilty of murder in the UAE can face up to life in jail or the death penalty. Those sentenced to the latter are normally killed by firing squad. A court date for her trial will be set once police have completed their investigation.

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