Israel: Lebanese Army Helped Hezbollah Conceal Attack Tunnels


The Times of Israel reports: WASHINGTON — Israel accused the Lebanese Army Wednesday of tipping information to the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah and failing to allow UN peacekeepers to help thwart a tunnel-building operation on the country’s southern border.

The accusation came at a UN Security Council meeting that also saw the US demand that the international community condemn the Lebanese terror group over its alleged plans to infiltrate Israel via a series of border tunnels, violating a UN resolution meant to keep the potentially volatile frontier calm.

“The US has taken Hezbollah’s threats against Israel at face value,” said Rodney Hunter, minister counselor for Political Affairs for the US Mission to the UN. “It is high time the international community do so as well.” Earlier this month, Israel launched an operation to find and destroy what it says are a series of tunnels snaking under the border.

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