Watch: Aaron Klein Busts Pro-Palestinian ‘Arab Street’ Myth: ‘They Care More Defeating Iran’

TEL AVIV — During a television interview, Breitbart Jerusalem Chief Aaron Klein backed up Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assertion that the Arab world more immediately cares about defeating Iran than creating a Palestinian state.

Klein also poked holes in what he referred to as the “myth” of the “Arab Street,” which many pundits routinely claim would revolt if the Arab world normalized relations with Israel before the creation of a Palestinian state

Speaking during a segment on Israel’s i24NEWS, Klein stated (video above):

I am hearing that there is a lot of frustration with the Palestinian Authority. And that the Arab world wants to give the Palestinian Authority another chance but if (PA President) Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t come to the bargaining table, which he isn’t, they are prepared to move on.

They care more about Iran at the end of the day then a Palestinian state. You look by the way at the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. I mean I thought that there would be earthquakes throughout the Arab world, we were told. Protests. Nothing. Silence. I think that tells us a lot.

Asked about claims that the “Arab street” would not support ties with Israel prior to an Israeli-Palestinian deal, Klein replied:

I think the Arab street wants jobs. I think the Arab street, if you really look into it, cares more about the economy and also by the way sort of it sees Iran as a larger threat. You look at the growing movement in Iraq toward Israel which is stunning to me. In Lebanon, aside of course from Hezbollah, the average Lebanese secular population doesn’t see Israel as an enemy. So this Arab Street myth has been busted time and time again. You look at most conflicts that are going on (in the Middle East). Between the Houthis and the Saudis. You look at the Iraq-Iran conflict. It has nothing to do with the Palestinians. If the Arab world cared so much about the Palestinian Authority and peace between Israel and the Palestinians they would be doing a lot more. They would not be sitting on the sidelines. So they care more about Iran.

Speaking at the Middle East summit in Warsaw on Thursday, Netanyahu told reporters that the Palestinian cause no longer takes “center stages” among the so-called Arab street. He also asserted that Arab states recognize Israel’s national security needs when it comes to defending itself against Iran.

“Once the Palestinian issue took center stage. Now they (Arab states) say that first and foremost the Iranian issue needs to be dealt with,” Netanyahu said.

“Four out of five Arab foreign ministers who addressed the conference (on Thursday) spoke strongly and clearly against Iran, saying exactly what I’ve been saying for years. They were as clear as possible about the issue, and Israel’s right to defend itself against Iranian aggression,” he added.


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