Watch – Aaron Klein: The Democratic Party Consciously Decided to ‘Turn their Backs on Israel’

The Democratic Party “has taken a conscious decision to turn their backs on Israel,” charged Aaron Klein, Breitbart’s Middle East bureau chief and senior investigative reporter.

“I think you are going to see American Jews, if they do care about Israel, bolt the Democratic Party because how could they stay in when the Democratic Party has taken a conscious decision to turn their backs on Israel?” Klein asked.

He was speaking during a debate on Israel’s i24NEWS (video above).

Continued Klein:

Millennials, especially on the Democrat side, gravitate away from Israel. And I think that is part of the larger story here. Not of anything that the Israeli government in particular is doing but a specific story to the Democratic Party, which is heading toward the radical left. And along with the radical left you have not just anti-Americanism but also anti-Israeli sentiment. It goes hand-in-hand.

We see that with Ilhan Omar and the rise of [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez. To me it is very troubling that the Democratic Party over all — this is not, I think specific to Israel — is moving toward the radical left and Israel is a casualty of that.

Klein was addressing a recent Pew Research poll that showed 64 percent of the American public hold a positive view toward the Israeli people. Broken down to parties, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents were 77% more likely to have favorable views of Israelis compared to 57% of Democrats and those who lean left.

When it came to views of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, the poll found that 61% of Republicans and only 26% of Democrats viewed the government in a positive light.


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