Iran’s General Salami Laughs at U.S. ‘Fake Superpower Image’

Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Major General Hossein Salami speaks during a pro-government rally in the capital Tehran's central Enghelab Square on November 25, 2019. - In a shock announcement 10 days ago, Iran had raised the price of petrol by up to 200 percent, triggering nationwide protests in a country …

Major General Hossein Salami, top commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said Wednesday the United States is “collapsing” and “Washington’s fake image of being a superpower” is being dissolved.

“By the grace of God, we are witnessing the rapid decline of our enemies, especially the United States,” Salami said during a military ceremony in Tehran, as reported by local MEHR news agency.

The general said the scope of the U.S. government’s “crimes, which was previously hidden to the world, is now revealed, not only to the people around the world but also to the American nation.”

“The United States introduced itself with beautiful concepts, but the painful realities of American society that were hidden under such fake concepts are now being revealed,” he continued, before adding, “We can see that the American nation is now burning the U.S. flag which rendered Washington’s fake image to the world.”

Salami is no stranger to attacking the U.S. or its global interests while at the same time promising “painful” revenge.

As Breitbart News reported, in January the military leader saw a bleak future for America and its allies in the Middle East.

“Anyone who hosts the U.S. is an enemy of Muslim nations; we are warning them to rethink their behaviour and covert plots; we are monitoring them; they should take care not to fall victim to U.S. policies … and not to pay the price for the Americans’ policy and strategy,” Salami said.

“With the Americans’ presence [in the region] coming to an end, the region will get to enjoy stability, prosperity, balance and security,” he added.

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