WATCH: Celebrations at Home of Ori Megidish, Rescued Israeli Soldier

Ori Megidish celebrations (Israel Army Radio / Twitter / X)
Ori Megidish celebrations (Israel Army Radio / Twitter / X)

Celebrations erupted in the working-class town of Kiryat Gat at the family home of rescued Israeli soldier Private Ori Megidish on Monday evening, after news emerged that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had liberated her from Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Israel’s Army Radio reported that scores of family members and neighbors descended on the house, celebrating and singing “Am Israel Chai” (“The nation of Israel lives”), a popular patriotic song.

Megidish had been one of the soldiers staffing an observation post that was attacked by Hamas on October 7. Her rescue brings the number of known hostages down to 238, and provides a huge boost to hopes of rescuing more, as well as to national morale.

The news was so exciting for Israelis that a secular news anchor donned a yarmulke to recite the traditional religious blessing thanking God for releasing captives:

The news came just hours after Hamas released a propaganda video showing three Israeli hostages blaming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for their capture and demanding that he release all Palestinian prisoners, including those who carried out the atrocities of October 7. It is not clear if Hamas released the video precisely because of the successful rescue of Megidish.

Real Admiral Dan Hagari, the spokesperson for the IDF, told reporters Monday evening that Megidish had been able to relay details of her capture and confinement to the military, and implied that these would be used in future rescues and operations. There were no IDF casualties in the operation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement (translation via Government Press Office):

Last night, our forces liberated Pvt. Ori Megidish from Hamas captivity. Ori was abducted on the black morning of October 7th. Welcome home Ori!

I commend the ISA [Israeli Security Agency, the Shin Bet] and the IDF for this important and moving achievement, which expresses our commitment to bring about the release of all the hostages. The entire people of Israel salute the ISA and the IDF.

To the terrorists of Hamas and ISIS I say – you are monsters. We will continue to pursue you. We will continue to hunt you. We will strike you until you fall at our feet.

Hagari said that the IDF would not release details of her rescue, so as not to compromise future rescue attempts of other soldiers.

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