LA Times: Milo Says Twitter Ban Is ‘The Most Gigantic Possible Gift’


From David Ng writing at the Los Angeles Times:

Conservative lightning rod Milo Yiannopoulos was in high spirits late Tuesday night just hours after he learned that he had been permanently banned from Twitter.

“Are you kidding? This is the most gigantic possible gift!” the Breitbart News senior editor said by phone from Cleveland, where he was attending the Republican National Convention. He contended that his ban was politically motivated and represents a threat to free speech.

Yiannopolous sees his permanent ban as a political move by Twitter.

“There’s a systemic bias against conservatives and libertarians [on Twitter],” he said. “The progressive press is going to take their side, dishonestly suggesting that I was making life difficult for a black woman.”

He added: “This is a political decision. With this they are sending a message to conservatives that they’re not welcome on Twitter.”

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