Milo: ‘I Can’t Imagine Why Any Gay Person’ Would Vote for Hillary

Hillary Clinton will be formally crowned the party's White House candidate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this coming week

From Jerome Corsi writing at WND:

“Gays” would be foolish to vote for Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton for president, contends Milo Yiannopoulos, the Greek-British journalist, entrepreneur and technology expert who identifies as a homosexual and a “cultural libertarian.”

“I can’t imagine why any gay person would ever be so stupid as to vote for Hillary Clinton, a woman who is funded by Islamic countries that execute gays, when on the other side you have a candidate who after Orlando gave the speech of his political career,” he said.

“I didn’t know Donald Trump had it in him, but it was a really tremendous speech.”

Speaking with WND on July 21 in the hour before Donald Trump gave his acceptance speech, Yiannopoulos explained his antipathy for Clinton, the reasons he supports Trump and his vision for the future as Millennials emerge to reshape politics over the next few decades.

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