WATCH: Clueless Milo Protester Doesn’t Even Know Who Milo Is


Hilarious footage taken at MILO’s sellout appearance at Florida State University shows a confused student struggling to explain why he has turned out to protest the Breitbart editor’s talk.

The protester admits he has not seen any of MILO’s videos and has only just heard of him, but calls him a “bigot” who “embodies oppression.”

He attended the protest because his “friend Regina” told him MILO had made some “hateful statements.”

“This guy sounds terrible,” says the student, “from what Regina tells me.”

The student describes MILO as a “right-alt” figure who is against “LGBQT+.”

“Just love, man. Love. Just love. Love everybody,” he concludes.

The talk featured MILO in a priest outfit taking to a “Twitter coffin” with an axe, echoing a famous scene in American Psycho. MILO staged a “Funeral for Twitter,” analysing the social network’s failure to turn initial excitement into a profitable, long-term business.

He fingered a lack of commitment to free speech and inconsistent application of the network’s own rules as culprits, noting that the company is likely to be sold soon and is under investigation by more than 10 law firms after its own investors filed a suit alleging Twitter failed to inform them of material changes to how the company measured user growth.

By withholding this information the company hid the extent of its growth problems, investors allege.

MILO began his talk by leading a funeral procession featuring black-clad pallbearers wearing red MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN caps.

MILO’s full talk, titled “A Funeral for Twitter,” can be seen here.

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