MILO Calls Out Censorship-Endorsing College Presidents


MILO called out the various universities that are currently attempting to censor his college campus talks during his show at West Virginia University on Thursday, highlighting the hypocrisy of schools such as Iowa State University and Minnesota State University, Mankato.

“Earlier this week, I received a string of messages from student organizers at Iowa State University and Minnesota State University. They all said very similar things. That their administrators were hitting them with impossible security fee hikes just a few days before the event” declared MILO, as the Iowa State and Minnesota State University, Mankato logos appeared on screen. “This has been done before.”

“It’s the latest slippery tactic of university administrators: they’re too afraid to ban me outright, so they give poor student organizers impossible security fees at the last minute without any time to raise the funds” he continued. “Iowa state even had the audacity to get back to us, telling me that “physical altercations” at DePaul and “bomb threats” in Florida meant that security requirements had to be ramped up. That’s perfectly reasonable. Except that both of those things happened months ago — and they happened to me!”

“They waited until now to tell student organizers, when students have no time whatsoever to meet the new requirements” MILO explained. “Still, at least they replied. It’s been two days and we still haven’t heard anything from Minnesota, despite multiple attempts from my team to reach them.”

MILO continued by stating that “both of these universities are funded by taxpayers,” and are “potentially breaking the law by refusing to meet security requirements themselves”.

“But it’s not, of course, just about the technicalities. It’s about principle” he added. “These two colleges, set up to provide a safe space for free speech and free inquiry, have become bastions of conformity and cowardice.”

Moving on to praise other colleges such as the University of Chicago, MILO heralded the school’s unique and “bold defence of free expression.”

“These three colleges have done the opposite, and they deserve to be publicly shamed — repeatedly — until they change course” proclaimed MILO. “Ritual public humiliation is wholly deserved in this case. So if you have some time on your hands later, why don’t you write a polite letter to Richard Davenport, President of the University of Minnesota, or to Steven Leath, President of the University of Iowa. Explain to them the value of free speech, and why intellectual intolerance will, in the long run, be much more troublesome to them than one dangerous faggot.”

Written from prepared remarks.

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