MILO: Iowa State University Will ‘Consign Their Reputation To Oblivion’ If They Fail To Host Him


In his speech at Ohio State university, MILO warned Iowa State University that they will “consign their reputation to oblivion” if they continue to attempt to sabotage his upcoming event.

His warning comes after the university has been found to have demanded nearly $2000 from the organisers in last minute security fees in attempt to derail the event.

Now, not only is Iowa State potentially breaking the law by failing to cover security costs themselves, but they’re also bringing the full force of MILO down upon them. But you know, I’m a nice, kind, forgiving guy, so I’m giving the colleges a few days to come to their senses and waive the fees.”

“It’s not hard –Iowa isn’t the first college to try this tactic, only to realize their horrible mistake and come to their senses,” he continued. 

Minnesota state, another university who attempted to cancel MILO”s talk through last minute security fees, yesterday backed down following Breitbart’s coverage of their decision.

Written from prepared remarks.

Watch MILO’s talk in full below.

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