UC Davis Republicans ‘Denied Electricity’ By University Administration for MILO March


The UC Davis College Republicans say they were “denied permission” to use university electricity ports for their free speech countermarch in response to last nights cancellation of an event staring MILO and Martin Shkreli.

“We were denied electricity that we paid for in our tuition and our taxes to plug in equipment that we need to run our countermarch event,” said Andrew Mendoza, the executive director for Davis College Republicans.

“The university also denied us access to drive our guest [MILO] onto campus, citing safety reasons, even though they allowed last nights violence to take place” he continued.

The countermarch was organised by the College Republican group in response to last nights events, in which people were assaulted and protestors attempted to storm the venue.

In a statement last night, the group said that they “will not stand for the regressive left perpetuating violence, censoring speech, and spreading hate,” asking people to join them in a countermarch for freedom of speech.

You can watch the countermarch live on Breitbart.com.

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