WATCH: Protesters Scream at Cops, Attack Cameraman at UC Davis MILO Event


A 40 minute video posted by a pro-free speech cameraman shows protesters hitting his camera and screaming at police officers during Breitbart Senior Editor MILO’s event at UC Davis on Friday.

Student protesters and “anti-fascists” can be seen in the video screaming “move cops get out the way,” at the line of police officers attempting to protect the venue and those inside, before the cameraman gets attacked, with numerous protesters hitting his camera, pushing him away, throwing up their signs in front of his face, and shouting at him.

Milo Protester Screaming at Cops


Hooded protester screaming at police officers, who were protecting the venue and those inside.


Red-haired protester with face-covered ally before they start to attack the cameraman with signs.


The cameraman can be seen asking them to stop touching his property and to stop pushing him numerous times, but the protesters continue, some of them seen smiling and laughing.


Blurred camera footage after the cameraman is mobbed by protesters, who push him back and cover the lens.


Protester in red bandanna who repeatedly attacked the cameraman while attempting to cover his face.


Masked protester who joined in with the mob that encircled and attacked the cameraman.


Smiling protester in mob.


Short-haired protester who can be seen early on in the video screaming at police leads second mob against cameraman, whistling in his face while others push him back.

The video, which was uploaded by an anonymous user under the name “Milo Protest,” also shows more footage of the now-famous Iranian MILO fan who stood up to protesters in defense of free speech, before being branded a “racist” by white students, while other MILO fans can be seen complaining about being assaulted and having things thrown at them.

MILO’s show, which he was planning to hold with pharmaceutical entrepreneur and fellow banned Twitter user Martin Shkreli, was eventually cancelled before it was able to start after an increase in violence.

After the event, UC Davis Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter declared that he was “deeply disappointed” by those involved, adding that the actions of violent individuals do not represent the college.

Several violent acts were recorded during the night, with one ABC10 photographer being attacked with hot coffee outside of the venue.

Protesters wearing balaclavas started to tear down police barricades and shove students, while MILO’s video producer Matt Perdie was pushed and spat on by the “anti-fascists.”

Shkreli, who attempted to speak to media and fans peacefully, had obscenities screamed at him and muddy leaves thrown at him by protesters, and there were several reports of broken windows, thrown tables, and other acts of violence throughout the night by protesters.

On Saturday, MILO and Shkreli marched through the campus along with fans and the College Republicans as a counter-protest, where they again encountered groups of protesters– with one openly endorsing the violent acts which were committed throughout the night.

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