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7-Jun-11 World View — Syria Implicated In 'Naksa Day' Deaths


This morning’s key headlines from

Reform Party of Syria says that Assad paid anti-Israeli protesters

Syrian protesters on Sunday (IDF)
Syrian protesters on Sunday (IDF)

The anti-Assad Reform Party of Syria (RPS) is saying that the regime of Syrian president Bashir al-Assad paid hundreds of poverty-stricken Syrian farmers $1,000 each to join anti-Israel “Naksa Day” protests on Sunday, and promised $10,000 to the families of any protester who was killed by Israeli fire. Reform Party of Syria

American and Israeli officials did not repeat the claim that Assad paid each protester $1,000, but both criticized Syria for provoking the fatal protests. U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said, “As we did previously, we condemn what appears to be an effort by the Syrian government to incite events and draw attention away from its own internal issues. And it’s clear that such behavior will not distract international attention on Syria’s, Syrian government’s condemnable behavior on its own citizens.” CNN

Syria says that 120 security officers were killed in ambush

Syria’s government is vowing to retaliate decisively against “armed groups” who killed 120 security forces in an ambush on Friday, and in gunfights over the weekend. The deaths took place in the northern town of Jisr al-Shughour. According to Syria’s state TV, “The armed groups are using weapons and grenades … the people in Jisr al-Shughour are urging the army to intervene speedily.” However, some protesters are saying that the gunfight was actually a mutiny by security forces that didn’t want to continue firing on unarmed protesters. BBC and Al-Jazeera

Yemen’s president plans to return within days

Saudi Arabia’s royal family had thought that they had finally gotten Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Saleh out of office for good, so that everyone could sign off on the peace plan that the Saudi’s had put forth, and the tribal violence could be ended. But apparently Saleh plans to rise from his bed in a few days and return to Yemen to resume his role as president. This is all but certain to renew and worsen the tribal violence. Telegraph

Oooops! E.coli not coming from bean sprouts after all

German officials are beginning to appear increasingly incompetent, as they fail to identify the source of the E.coli outbreak that has sickened thousands and killed 22 people. At first they blamed Spain’s cucumbers, causing an entire crop to be destroyed, but later retracted that claim. Then, over the weekend, they announced that the problem had been isolated to bean sprouts grown at a farm in northern Germany, but now on Monday they were forced to retract that claim as well. Each such mistake costs farmers a great deal of money, at a time when food prices are skyrocketing. German scientists are back at square one and, in the mean time, there is a growing food scare across Europe. Telegraph


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