Sudan Unleashes The Dogs Of War On The People Of Nuba Mountains

The government in Khartoum is taking advantage of the last weeks before South Sudan’s official independence on July 9 to slaughter civilians in the disputed Nuba Mountains border region.

Why Gaddafi and not Bashir? Why Libya and not Sudan?

Once again the United Nations and the “international community” stand idly by while innocents are slaughtered. The Khartoum government continues its genocidal actions in Darfur, Nuba, Abyei and even suppresses uprisings among the youth of it’s own Arab-Muslim population which constitute the ruling regime in Khartoum, in sympathy of the so-called “Arab Spring.” As part of the “carrot” approach the Obama administration has started the process of removing Sudan from the list of designated state sponsors of terror because Khartoum “recognized” the South’s independence referendum. When will our leaders learn that appeasement only invites more bloodshed?

Faith McDonnell of the Institute for Religion and Democracy reports, “Khartoum started the war with the Nuba Mountains on Sunday and has been bombing everything in sight, killing innocent civilians, executing SPLA members…” and her sources on the ground bring more harrowing news.

From Slater Armstrong, Vice Chairman of the Nuba Mountains American Advocacy Group, with information from the office of the Episcopal Bishop of Kadugli and Nuba Mountains:

1. Indiscriminate and continual bombing of civilians throughout the Nuba Mtns region, leading to the traditional flight of the Nuba into their caves and mountains for refuge in the middle of the rainy season

2. Northern Arab militia “flooding” Dilling and the Nuba by thousands

3. Joint Integrated Units* (JIU) in Talodi has disarmed, arrested, and is potentially executing Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) members

4. JIU commander in South Kordofan is with Haroun hiding and operating out of UN compound in Kadugli

5. National Congress Party (NCP)/Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), keeping tanks and artillery in the UN compound

6. NCP and Popular Defense Forces are going door to door and killing those who voted for SPLM

7. Seeking, hunting and targeting churches and clergy as well

8. Bishop Andudu reported his diocesan offices and many supplies for the church and paperwork and home have been utterly destroyed, don’t know if computers were confiscated

9. Christ Church Kadugli was burne
d down

10. Road between Khartoum and Nuba Mountains is blockaded

Amin Z. Ismail of the Nuba Mountains Advocacy Group reports that the Sudan Armed Forces are using dozens of Migs to bomb civilians. He forwards a gruesome on-the-ground report from Monim El Jak. Keep in mind “UNMIS” is the United Nations Mission in Sudan. Northern intelligence has penetrated the UN compound and is killing civilians:

An eye witness from inside UNMIS compound in Kadogli has just informed me that the intelligence of Sudan Army Forces (SAF) managed to get inside the premises, looking for supporters of SPLM and abducted many of them. The body of Jumma Tema, a disable man on a wheelchair, was found killed outside the compound after he sought protection inside UNMIS and then was taken by the intelligence. After these development civilians who are seeking protection inside UNMIS are trying to sneak from the northern part of Kadogli to the South as it is no longer safe for them.


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