Arab World Gives Obama Thumbs Down: Poll

Arab world opinion of the U.S. and President Obama … has dropped to an all time low.

—, 7/14/2011

This has to be understood for what it is: With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the Arabs had every reason to believe he would put the screws to Israel. But the Arabs (and Obama) don’t (didn’t) understand how our system operates. Obama’s preferred plan for a diplomatic blitzkrieg against Israel was frustrated, thanks to his tacky, ham-fisted public mistreatment of Israel, the pro-Israel Christian Congress and misgivings by big-money givers in the Jewish community. With their man in The White House in check, the Arab’s were left deeply disappointed and their expectations to be handed Israel’s head on a plate were shattered. Still, Obama could yet win back their affection if he wins a second term and doesn’t have to worry about winning a third.


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