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Arab Spring Swaps Secular Despots for Islamist Ones

The source of this op-ed is the left-wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz. But don’t let that fool you. The writer is one of the most distinguished and erudite politicians Israel has ever produced. Perhaps that’s why he left Israeli politics years

Hezbollah Rolls Up CIA Operation in Lebanon

Today, I have copied and pasted two news items, both dealing with the same costly U.S. intelligence failures in the Mideast. Read both. Each is a companion piece to the other. To my mind, they attest to the sophistication of

Israel, the USA and Iran: Reading The Tea Leaves

Lots of firecrackers going off simultaneously right now hinting at greater pyrotechnics to come. On Sunday, I sent around a link to a story in which Israel’s president, uber dove Shimon Peres, warns that “A military strike on Iran is

Israel's "Mr. Peace" Warns of War

This piece is telling since it is coming from the dean of Israel’s doves (and a key player in the development of Israel’s nuclear weapons program). From Israel Hayom, 11/6/2011. Strike on Iran more likely than diplomatic solution, Peres says:

In the Islamic World Nature Fills A Vacuum With Islam

More evidence to reinforce the view that Obama is facilitating the systematic Islamization of the Middle East. And yet another Obama foreign policy debacle the Republican candidates should be homing in on now. After all, if one of them becomes

Gentiles, Arabs & Jews in Perfect Harmony

Only gentiles have the imagination to create an illusion like “the peace process,” only Arabs are shrewd enough to exploit it, and only Jews are foolish enough to chase after it. YNET, 10/23/11 Rice: Olmert surprised me In new book,

Libya: First Liberation Then Submission

In the Islamic world natures fills a power vacuum with – you guessed it – Islam! The Telegraph (UK), 10/23/2011 Libya’s liberation: interim ruler unveils more radical than expected plans for Islamic law Libya‘s interim leader outlined more radical plans

The Shalit Deal: Whetting The Arabs' Appetite

It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are. They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life, that you must not “meet halfway” those who do not want to meet you. — Ze’ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky, “The

1000:1, The New Formula For Peace

Beyond the debate over the morality or justice of Israel’s deal to release 1000 terrorists for one kidnapped soldier lies a simple fact: the Arabs always regard Israel’s last offer -even if rejected – as the starting point for new

The Iranian Caper: Has Obama Been Had?

“If they’re looking for 007, they got Mr. Bean” Only one of two conclusions can possibly be drawn from this Reuters story. Either the Iranians are suckers or our president is.

Fast & Furious For Dummies

If you think Fast & Furious is an action movie starring Vin Diesel, who can blame you? The 2009 film got much more media coverage than the current White House arms scandal of the same name. But if you’re curious

Will This Post Stop The Wall St. Protest in Its Tracks?

To: Republican candidates and strategists Re: “Occupy Wall St. movement,” a blessing in disguise The “Occupy Wall St. movement” and the people behind it face an irreconcilable internal contradiction. The centrist American people know it’s plainly a leftist enterprise with

What's The Use Talking?

Poor Elliott Abrams, he must be the loneliest guy at the CFR. If anyone over there can be dubbed a “friend of Israel” it’s him. But that alone doesn’t qualify Abrams to be the only one sitting by himself in

Arab Spring: Open Season On Christians

Did I hear someone say “ethnic cleansing?” First the Middle East Muslims threw out the Jews. Now that the Muslim lands are Judenrein (rid of Jews), the Muslims are coming for the Christians. Middle East Forum, September 28, 2011 Running

Obama's Relapse

It’s been a little over a week since the Obama-Israel rapprochement, but those hoping it would last will be sorely disappointed. When it comes to Israel, it’s back to business as usual for BHO. Defense Secretary Panetta just landed there

Exclusive Pix: Egyptians Enjoying Arab Spring

Egyptians tear down Israel Embassy’s security wall By AYA BATRAWY, Associated Press – 7 hours ago CAIRO (AP) — Hundreds of Egyptian protesters, some swinging hammers and others using their bare hands, tore down parts of a graffiti-covered security wall

Hamas: Time To Invest In Cairo Real Estate

The Arab Spring has already opened up new opportunities in Egypt. For the first time in decades Cairo real estate looks attractive. Mr. Obama, how can we ever thank you? www.israelnationalnews.com, 9/9/2011 Hamas Looks to Cairo for New Headquarters Hamas

What A Friend We Have in Afghanistan

This would be a good time to remember there is a world of difference between finding and destroying al-Qaeda and the Taliban and remaking a tribal society in our image. For one thing, accomplishing the former while passing up the

Libya Rebel Commander: 'An Islamist? Moi?'

This should quiet all the bitter skeptics who said Obama’s Libyan adventure would wind up trading Qaddafi for something worse. Heh. Libya Rebel Commander Plays Down Islamist Past September 02, 2011 | Associated Press TRIPOLI, Libya — The rebels’ Tripoli

R2P? 50,000 Libyans Never Got The Memo

Rebel commander: “Six months of fighting has left some 50,000 dead” Let’s all remember Obama facilitated this revolution, introducing a novel doctrine with no legal standing, Responsibility To Protect. Then, to avoid Congress, he used NATO to implement it while

In The Islamic World Nature Fills A Vacuum With Islam

Four sources and four disparate views on the future of Libya, all adding up to unintended* consequences and trouble ahead. Mshari al-Zaydi: What about the Jihadists in Libya? Ex-jihadists in the new Libya Iran ‘discreetly aided Libyan rebels’ The Islamist

Self-Preservation Is All The Rage In Europe

As I’ve noted before, reports of the death of European culture are premature. Europeans will return to their roots and repel the encroachment of Islam in European societies. They’ve done it before. The French and the Germans have already thrown

Al-Qaeda's First Successful Attack Against Israel

NRO’s Andrew McCarthy is quickly becoming the go-to man for clear-eyed commentary and analysis on the multi-front war we face against the Jihad. Here he sorts out the bewildering events that have taken place in Israel over the last 48

The Good Life: U.S. Aid Going To Jailed PLO Terrorists

If you’re up to it, add this little item to the unprecedented whirlwind of events that has been unleashed at home and abroad: (Fox News) Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid to Help Pay Millions in Salaries to Jailed Terror Suspects,

Islamists To Obama: How Can We Ever Thank You?

The bad drives out the good. Or what little there was of it in the first place. WSJ, Middle East News, August 2, 2011 Egyptians Turn Against Liberal Protesters By Yaroslav Trofimov CAIRO–Mobs of ordinary Egyptians joined with soldiers to

The Wild Wild Mideast: Free-for-all For The Sinai

No sooner does Obama of Arabia throw Mubarak under the camel and Egypt’s Sinai is in play. According to this report from Israel’s Hayom newspaper, “Egyptian security sources [say] the new government in Cairo is losing control over part of

News Is Too Important To Be Left To Journolists

Here is a message I sent out to my list via email yesterday: Incredibly, all the items below are talking about the same Newsweek poll! Even more incredibly, to buttress his Pollyannaish fantasy, the Atlantic guy links to the Newsweek

Arabs Set a Trap For Themselves. Will Israel Close It?

Israel’s Abba Eban had it exactly backwards when he said “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” It’s the Israelis who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. For over sixty years the Jewish state has

'Fast & Furious' Not The Movie, The Obama Fiasco

With most eyes turned to our president playing chickie with the ship of state, and for the past few days the tragedy in Norway, it’s easy to lose sight of another monstrous Obama debacle unfolding right under our noses. Known