The Consequence Of Surrender: Our Own Ethics Are Being Used To Crush Us

Robert Spencer’s “N.J. Murder the Latest Outrage in the Islamic Blame Game” is an important column and shows how the Right’s strategy of surrender not only leads to our defeat, but will also lead to our extinction.

Spencer details how at least one person implicated him as bearing some responsibility for the “Islamophobic” murder of a Muslim woman, and that a U.S. Islamic group was waiting to blame him as well. However, Spencer noted that the Muslim husband of the woman is now a suspect in the murder. And so for now, the calls for the heads of the Right have subsided to normal levels.

Yet this isn’t the time for relief. Instead, the Right needs to use this incident to identify and fix a fatal flaw in its strategy. Here’s what I mean.

Had “Islamophobic” Americans actually been the murderers of the Muslim woman, Muslims and their leftist allies would have demanded that the Right defend our existence and why we “hate” so much. And we would have obliged. But why would we have done that?

Why would anyone on the Right feel the need to become defensive even if it had been “Islamophobic” Americans who murdered the Muslim woman? Would anyone be shocked if such a thing did happen even as we don’t condone it? Didn’t society used to expect this sort of behavior against a group of people identified with a worldwide threat? “Yes! But we’ve grown since then and no longer allow it!” Precisely. Our own ethics and morality are being used to crush us.

We’ve outlawed vigilantism although we may understand the passions that drive the desire. Yet while our culture should be praised for this advancement we instead have allowed our enemies to wield it as a weapon to destroy us. In other words, on the rare occasion when someone does act out on his passions (or even when leftists and their allies lie about someone doing so) we don’t say, “We understand his anger but we no longer allow revenge killings. This man is wrong and he will be punished. At the same time, we need to deal with our enemies.” Instead, we allow our enemies–who continue practicing “revenge” killings or who continue rationalizing them–to condemn us as “evil” without vigorously calling them on their fallacy.

And so we are where we are today: our enemies engage in endless acts of Islamic terrorism and their cause isn’t hurt by it–indeed we must “understand why they hate.” Our enemies riot in London, riot in the U.S., rampage and slaughter in the U.S. and it never damages their cause–indeed, they are justified in doing so. They even can claim that their rampaging and murdering are done by the Right and we fall for it–we defend ourselves from such baseless accusations.

And it is this fatal flaw that Spencer’s Human Events column identifies: the Right has allowed things to reach a state where the left can engage in an infinite amount of violence and never be brought to justice for it. Yet if even once someone who in any way can be identified as being on the Right does something wrong, then the entire Right will be guilty and the left will demand our destruction.

Passiveness and appeasement must end. I repeat my call to investigate and prosecute the left in addition to backing the call to investigate and hold Islam accountable. Failing to do so and continuing with a strategy of surrender will result in the harsh consequence of utter annihilation for the Right.


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