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Chinese Intelligence Has Penetrated American Security


Author David Wise spends time with Frank to explain a recent article of his pertaining to Chinese spies. China has been scarily successful in their intelligence operations against the United States. China has been able to gather the blue prints to the most advanced U.S. nuclear warhead, the W88 which is deployed on the U.S. Trident submarine. China has also obtained information on the Neutron bomb which they obtained from a scientist inside the very laboratory that was used to design the weapon. What else does China know about America’s arsenal? When will the American government wake up to the Chinese threat and start taking proper precautions? The American government has already discovered high level Chinese agents, some in the CIA and some in the FBI but how many assets do the Chinese have in America? The Chinese government has now shifted their intelligence operations into the cyber world, although they claim to not be hacking into American government servers. The government has such a tight grip among the populous how could they not have direct knowledge of such activities? What will China do with access to the recent U.S. drone that has landed in Iran?

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