Flash Romney: Better Now Than Later

The jockeying going on for the Republican nomination must be whetting the appetite of the DNC stalwarts. Yet, the Democrats should be careful that they may get what they wish for. Republican nominees have finally descended on the front runner Mitt Romney. Prior to these last two primaries, you had to strain to figure out whether Romney was the front runner or not, as he seemed largely ignored.

With Newt spending in excess of $3 million and others launching similarly ferocious campaigns against Romney, it appears that the Republicans will descend upon each other in a manner that can only be compared to the rage of back alley bullying. But a little knocking around may actually be good for Romney who has moved through this campaign season relatively unscathed. The attacks on his wealth are expected; any human being who can amass such a fortune in corporate America is frequently loathed out of sheer jealousy. We find similar fates around the world with many trampling on the prosperity in America — with claims that our gains were somehow ill-gotten, on the backs of our brethren.

Truth is – Romney is the diametric opposite of Barack Obama. Does that mean he doesn’t care about those who have lost their jobs or that he would willy nilly hand out pink slips, as his fellow contenders argue? No, what that means is the path to a solution for economic and financial issues is completely different. With Obama if a person loses a job, the answer is to funnel money to that person through a social program or handout. With Romney, if a person loses a job, the answer is to reduce regulations and provide productive incentives for businesses to create new jobs.

As humans, we can not force utopia on a nation, no matter how well intentioned we may think we are. Furthermore, your definition is most probably different than mine. When we pay taxes, we have transferred the decision making regarding charitable, social and national defense choices from our own intellect to that of a government agency. We must be careful to ensure that the balance of choice remains with the people and that the impact of our tax dollars is real and effectual, not a stagnant behemoth.

So, while Republicans mud sling in South Carolina, the reality is that the best candidate to beat Barack Obama is Mitt Romney. People don’t want to say that because it would alienate the far right which believes that social issues drive this nation. In the same vein, those on the left suggest their social ideals are truer and more in line with what this nation stands for. Talk show hosts rave about Santorum and Gingrich. Please, not another bureaucrat President! In actuality, the amazing aspect of this nation is that people of all different social values can coalesce around a single ideal: to preserve this nation we must remain financially powerful. The only the way to do that is to ensure that businesses and individuals prosper from their own wellspring of innovation and creativity. So step aside President Obama, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and John Huntsman and let Mr. Romney reconfigure the balance sheet in favor of those who seek to ensure this nation experiences growth and prosperity.

While we must cut government spending, our larger goal should be to provide a business climate that encourages Americans to excel and engage in the hard work of running a business and earning a living. With Mitt, we know that he understands this perspective. So, go ahead and bash his unabashed wealth; flushing this out now only silences the ammunition in the DNC arsenal. Maybe one day I’ll be in that 1%, or maybe I will work hard my entire life and never make it there. Maybe my kids will. I have hope and I tell them everyday how important it is to work and study hard for their success. But, at least in this country I have the opportunity to try and the potential to succeed. For that reason alone, America is a shining beacon to the world. We need to keep it that way.