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Veterans Job Corps: A Non-Starter

Veterans Job Corps: A Non-Starter

The Veterans Job Corps sounds like a fabulous idea…for a Democrat. Identify a myriad of ways to help Veterans and in the process keep our every growing bureaucracy in business. Let’s cut to the chase. Incentives to hire Veterans as

Obama's Refusal to Leave Wright's Church Meant Exposing Children to Hate

Obama's Refusal to Leave Wright's Church Meant Exposing Children to Hate

In the halls of the fundamentalist Islamic schools that preach hate of America and the West, children sit and learn. With innocent ears and bright eyes, what they learn becomes “fact.” Their youth and inexperience prevent them from comprehending neither alternatives nor

Flash Romney: Better Now Than Later

The jockeying going on for the Republican nomination must be whetting the appetite of the DNC stalwarts. Yet, the Democrats should be careful that they may get what they wish for. Republican nominees have finally descended on the front runner

A Victory For Ahmadinejad

We can all breathe a sigh of relief; our troops are coming home from Iraq. Of course, no one ever wants a single one of our men and women in uniform to be in harms way. It is interesting to

Remember: Democracy Is Messy

The world watched the theatrics in Washington DC several weeks ago as our elected brethren grappled with one of the most fundamental human issues: how do we put food on the table. It is not hard to believe that many

Cut The Frappe

Where the hell is Washington, DC? On Main Street we still have to go to the store for groceries, watch TV on our 60″ big screens and head out to our favorite office supply store to start the “back to

Never Forget: Personal Freedom and 9-11

Adult Americans recall when they heard the news. “9-11” has become part of the American lexicon. We all have that searing visual imprint of the clouds of smoke, falling buildings, desperate people jumping, heroes rushing to the rubble… never to

Fighting for ROTC on College Campuses (Part 2)

What about our future leaders? The Senate just confirmed our newest Justice of the Supreme Court – Elena Kagan. Nominee Kagan served as the Dean of Harvard Law School. The Washington Post reported: Four months after becoming dean of Harvard

Fighting for ROTC on College Campuses (Part 1)

Having spoken at many college campuses nationwide in the last two years, it often shocks me how many administrations and faculty are ardently against our War on Terror. While their positions are problematic, the underlying issue is the failure to

Path to Victory: General David Petraeus

As the citizens of the United States await President Obama’s new Commander of U.S. and NATO Forces in Afghanistan to make his mark, one can only imagine the new direction that will be taken by this battle proven leader –