The Real Occupation: Occupy Has Always Hated the Jews

The Real Occupation: Occupy Has Always Hated the Jews

Joel Pollak has already written on the divestment campaign going on at Occupy Oakland, but it is worth remembering that Kalle Lasn and Micah White, the two founders of the Occupy movement, have always hated the Jews and their state.

As I explain in the forthcoming issue of The American Spectator, Lasn and Micah White have a taking a stance against apartheid, that will do more to undermine support for terrorism than a war ever could,” Riccardone told her school newspaper. In other words, the attacks on America were the Jews’ fault and Muslims couldn’t help but attack us. The talented one percent–the Israelis or the Jews generally–were to be sacrificed so that the 99 percent–the Muslims–would like us.

White’s employer, Adbusters, featured a photo essay comparing Gaza to the Warsaw uprising. When Jewish groups complained and the Canadian Jewish Congress successfully lobbied one of Canada’s largest pharmacies to stop carrying the magazine, Lasn engaged in a false moral equivalency, noting the “striking similarities between the Warsaw ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II and the open air prison of Gaza.”

Lasn previously and controversially noted the “Jewish” connection to America’s foreign policy. The message was clear: some one percenters had better stay out of the political process. The power of the internet could help create  “revolutionary moments,” but revolutions always have casualties. As he looked at the violence in Tunisia and Egypt Lasn wondered: ‘Why can’t this happen everywhere?'” he later recalled in an interview. He prophesized “surprise attacks” against the corporations. “I’m a revolutionary,” and this revolution, for all its supposed nonviolence, was going to be bloody. Next up would be a “Robin Hood Tax” to take one percent of all global financial transactions. It wouldn’t be the end. “Once the one percent is accepted, and people realize concessions are being made, the door is wide open for more,” he predicted. “Just wait and see.”

We now see what they had planned: Occupation of AIPAC and Occupation of CPAC.
In other words, attacks against Jews and conservatives.