NATO Conference Includes Pakistan, Excludes Israel

NATO Conference Includes Pakistan, Excludes Israel

When the NATO Summit takes place in Chicago on May 20-21, the president of Pakistan will be there because he was invited. But no Israeli representative will be there because the Islamists in NATO, especially Turkey, said “no way.”

Think about this: Pakistan is the very country in which Osama bin Laden enjoyed safekeeping for years. Moreover, it has closed supply routes for U.S. forces, which run from Pakistan into Afghanistan. The Pakistanis have also demanded an end to drone airstrikes against terrorists in Pakistan’s tribal regions bordering Afghanistan. Ironically, however, the airstrikes against which Pakistan has filed a complaint are NATO airstrikes.

Israel, on the other hand, is an avowed and proven opponent to terrorist activity and an ally to the Western countries that constitute the financial and military backbone of NATO.  But sadly, Israel is more and more an isolated and endangered outpost for freedom in the Middle East as well.

The lesson here is clear: the NATO Alliance, so many other geo-political and military endeavors, is not what it once was. Instead, it is but another body unable to shake or quell the Islamist influence within it.