A Weakening Hamas Asked to Leave Syria, Blames Israel

A Weakening Hamas Asked to Leave Syria, Blames Israel

Although we often think of the innocent victims that fall prey to political and social instability in the Middle East, Hamas is proving it’s not just the good guys who have to watch out. In fact, members of the Damascus-based Hamas leadership are leaving Syria now, both at the request of the Syrian government and because of the lack of the stability in the region.

Ironically, it’s a lack of stability that only increases with Hamas there, according to the Syrian government.

Israel National News is reporting “there has been a rift between Hamas and the Syrian regime ever since the uprising against President Bashar Assad began. Reports surfaced as early as last May that Hamas is moving its headquarters from Damascus to Egypt and the terror group is strengthening itself in the Sinai.”

Hamas is trusting that the Muslim Brotherhood’s ascension to prominence in Egypt will contribute to more stability for Hamas as well. But for now, they are at such a low ebb that senior members are being murdered and no one knows who’s doing it.

Of course, Hamas is blaming Israel both for the assassinations and the fact that they’re getting no respect. 

Fortunately, Israel is not cowering in fear because of the accusations.