Pollak: Khalidi Tape May Be 'Crucial to Understanding' Obama on Israel

Pollak: Khalidi Tape May Be 'Crucial to Understanding' Obama on Israel

Breitbart News’ Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro takes to the Jerusalem Post to further explain the $50,000 reward announced Sunday for the videotape of Barack Obama toasting radical academic Rashid Khalidi:

The Times article notes the virulently anti-Israel discussion that took place at the 2003 Khalidi dinner. Among other things, a Palestinian read a poem accusing Israel’s government of terrorism and sharply criticizing US support for Israel. The speaker reportedly threatened Israel, saying that if Palestinian interests are not secured, “then you [Israel] will never see a day of peace.” Another speaker likened Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria to Osama bin Laden.

The report claimed that Obama struck “a different tone… and called for finding common ground,” but provided no direct citations of his speech to that effect.

Explaining the initiative, Breitbart News editor-inchief Joel Pollak told The Jerusalem Post, “The Khalidi tape may be crucial to understanding Barack Obama’s policy of confrontation and isolation towards Israel. The Los Angeles Times refused to provide a full account of what was on the video, and other media failed to question that decision or to search for the facts themselves. It is essential that the American people see the video for themselves – not just to understand the past but to make an informed decision about the next four years. It is well past time that we vetted Barack Obama – and the mainstream media.”

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