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Yemen: Spies in USAF Operations?

Yemen: Spies in USAF Operations?

Report: Internal leak reveals US Air Force planes constantly landing and taking off in Yemen’s southern Lahj province.

Al-Masira TV is airing footage of USAF cargo planes unloading inside Al-Anad air base. Along with the footage, the news outlet is suggesting that the US may be unloading equipment and troops, “transforming Al-Anad from a Yemeni airbase into an American airbase.” The news outlet, operated by the Al-Houthi Youth Movement, expressed outrage over the protection Yemeni officials are apparently providing for the American planes. 

The news outlet obtained the footage from an internal, unnamed source “inside the base.” Which means spies may have successfully infiltrated the USAF in this particular region. This would explain how Al-Masira was able to obtain footage of U.S. troops in western Yemen in June of this year. 


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