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Netanyahu: Iran Will Have Bomb In Six Months

Netanyahu: Iran Will Have Bomb In Six Months

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu demands Obama set a “red line,” as Iran is just months away from having a nuclear bomb.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, Netanyahu said Obama has to “place a red line before [Iran] now, before it’s too late.” The Israeli PM says Iran is “90 percent of the way” toward having enough enriched uranium to make a bomb.  And based on the pace at which they’ve moved heretofore, he believes Iran could have that bomb in six to seven months.

However, the Obama administration continues their reliance on sanctions and diplomacy, believing Iran is actually a year away from having such a weapon. 

In other words, because Israel may be six whole months further away from Armageddon than Netyanhu thinks, it’s golfing time for Obama.

But there is another issue at stake, wisely brought to light by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. And that is that Iran appears to be constructing and working in deeper bunkers. Which means there may soon be a time where Iran’s facilities are too deep for Israeli bombs to reach. In that case, US bombs would be required to get the job done.

It’s 3 a.m., the phone is ringing, but the Obama White House is too busy to answer it.


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