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Cuba Defends Holocaust Revisionist in Front of Human Rights Council

Cuba Defends Holocaust Revisionist in Front of Human Rights Council

Alfred de Zayas is the Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order of the United Nations. He is also a Holocaust revisionist whom Cuba defended in front of the UN Human Rights Council.  

At the Human Rights Council session on Sept 12, UN Watch Director Hillel Neuer challenged certain revisionist assertions in Zayas’ writings. In particular, Neuer said Zayas has written that Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt “helped carry out ‘genocide’ against the Germans,” that the Nuremberg trials had “hardly any legitimacy” because the Allies weren’t prosecuted for their “barbarous crimes,” and that the Holocaust has received so much attention that people tend to overlook the suffering of the German people. 

Additionally, Neuer said Zayas used the phrase “hate literature” to describe a book that outlined Germany’s involvement in the Holocaust. 

Cuba objected and was allowed to interject during Neuer’s time before the Human Rights Council. The Cuba representative used the time to criticize Neuer for not expressing his comments and points “in a respectful way,” and she asked that Neuer be barred from speaking further. 

Not surprisingly, Zayas also believes Israel should be kicked out of the UN.  


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