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Time Running Out on Khalidi Tape: $100,000 Reward, Deadline October 23

Time Running Out on Khalidi Tape: $100,000 Reward, Deadline October 23

The deadline for the $100,000 reward for the “Khalidi tape” is October 23rd, two weeks before Election Day, after which the reward will no longer be available. No one has yet come forward to claim the reward–though the Los Angeles Times, which may or may not have possession of the tape, has been very defensive about it.

Last week, James Rainey took on the “Khalidi tape mythology” and defended his newspaper’s decision not to release the tape–and Breitbart News’ Ben Shapiro responded: “All we ask is for full information, free of the filter of Times reporting.” That information exists in bits and pieces all over the Internet, including this video of anti-Israel activist Ali Abunimah, reflecting on how Obama once spoke at a Chicago fundraiser in 1999 for the Palestinian Dheisheh refugee camp, and against Israeli occupation in general:

Obama’s past views continue to inform his present policies, which is exactly why the Khalidi tape is more relevant than ever. 

We are still waiting for the source to come forward. After the election is too late.


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