Obama Betrayal of Israel Documentary Viewed Nearly 800K Times

Obama Betrayal of Israel Documentary Viewed Nearly 800K Times

“Absolutely Uncertain,” is a 19-minute documentary that follows Irina, a 23-year-old Jewish New Yorker who voted for President Barack Obama but may not do so again. Irina feels betrayed by Obama’s foreign policy toward Israel and the documentary has been viewed over 780,000 times on YouTube since it was posted on September 26. 

In the video, Irina says was “proud to cast her vote” for Obama in 2008 because she “didn’t doubt for a minute” the strong relationship between America and Israel would not continue. 

“I’ve seen that Americans and Israelis have a lot in common,” she says in the video, noting that she met her husband on a trip to Israel. 

Irina, who narrates the documentary says, “today, I’m having second thoughts” about voting for Obama. The documentary features interviews with American and foreign journalists, politicians like Senator Joe Lieberman and former New York mayor Ed Koch, and academics like Alan Dershowitz.

She says that after the Arab Spring, “instead of becoming more open and democratic,” the Middle East “is becoming even more extreme than before.”

Irina notes Obama supports “undercutting” Israel’s borders and highlights Obama’s rift with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

“Then, I noticed President Obama and his staff have been pretty open about their disregard for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” Irina says. 

Irina also says Obama’s sanctions on Iran could be a lot tougher if not for U.S. government’s allowing various loopholes that weaken them. The documentary plays interviews with foreign policy experts who believe Obama’s top foreign policy concern is preventing Israel from striking Iran’s nuclear facilities. 

The documentary plays an interview in which Dershowitz says four more years of Obama could be “more dangerous” for Israel than Obama’s first term.

And Irina says she is “not sure” Obama has Israel’s back anymore, and the change she has seen throughout the Middle East is not the change she voted for when she cast her ballot for Obama in 2008.