Tehran Arrests Sixteen, Accused of Disrupting Currency Market

Tehran Arrests Sixteen, Accused of Disrupting Currency Market

The government of Iran has arrested 16 individuals and accused them of disrupting Iran’s currency market.

Many stores in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar were either closed or partially closed on Thursday, for the second day in a row, due to violence which has arisen with Iran’s faltering currency. The shop owners who closed their businesses found themselves positioned between Iranians who think they did what they had to do and government officials who believe the closures give the wrong impression.

The timing of the closures is everything — and they come at a time when Iran’s currency is extremely unstable.

To stave off further fluctuations in the currency market, Tehran has filed criminal charges against 16 people for the disruption. The 16 were accused of working with “external and internal forces” to cause a disruption from which they benefited personally. 

No word yet on any affiliations the 16 individuals might have to groups outside (or inside) Iran. But it is quite telling that unrest within Iran is being made public.