CBS's Lara Logan: 'Tamed Taliban' Is A Lie

CBS's Lara Logan: 'Tamed Taliban' Is A Lie

Speaking in Chicago to a gathering of media, government, and corporate personnel, Lara Logan said the Taliban remains a threat and that administration claims to the contrary are “nonsensical.”

Logan has covered wars in the Middle East for years for CBS, and spoke with first hand knowledge when she said, “The Taliban and Al-Qaeda have not been vanquished. They are coming back.” She added, “There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years [about a] kinder, gentler, Taliban,” but those saying such things are “Taliban apologists.”

Logan warned that our government is “downplaying the strength of our enemies” in order to facilitate Obama’s determination to wind down the war in Afghanistan. Because of this blind approach, Logan suggests “our enemies are writing the story, and there’s no happy ending for us.”

Logan says that if we don’t exact justice on those who killed Ambassador Stevens, we will have finally sent the signal that the U.S. can be “attacked on its own soil” and there will be no ramifications.