Netanyahu Turns to Europe for Help Against Iran

Netanyahu Turns to Europe for Help Against Iran

Just days before Joe Biden referred to Benjamin Netanyahu as his friend and said the Obama administration “did not walk anything back” regarding Iran, reports indicated the Israeli PM will be be turning to Europe for help against Iran.  

Netanyahu’s goal is to persuade European leaders to step up sanctions against Iran over that country’s nuclear program. 

The report indicates that after receiving a cold shoulder on anything beyond sanctions from the Obama admin, Netanyahu wants to entice European leaders into making those sanctions as tough as possible.

A New York Times’ report substantiated the “cold shoulder” theory with a quote from an Israeli official who says: “Our feeling is that with the elections and everything, we’ve not seen much on the American front except for sealing holes where the Iranians have found ways to get around the sanctions.”

Added the official: “We’ve got to go with what we’ve got.”