John Bolton: Benghazi 'an Incredibly Stupid Cover-Up'

John Bolton: Benghazi 'an Incredibly Stupid Cover-Up'

As news on Benghazi continues to leak and the realization that the White House knew this was terrorism from day one becomes more clear, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton has called the Obama administration’s behavior a cover-up.

But not just any cover-up. Rather, he describes it as  “an incredibly stupid” one. It is slowly unraveling thanks to documentation contradicting the Obama story — including emails sent between Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the State Department Operations Center, the White House, and others. 

Commenting on the emails, Bolton said, “What these emails say to me is that if anybody at the White House thought they could cover this story up by referring to the Muhammad video, with this [email] evidence in real time, then it wasn’t just a cover up. It was an incredibly stupid cover up.” 

He added: “This is no surprise. We know that the security guards at the compound in Benghazi were in cell phone contact with the State Department in real time. Technology being what it is, they don’t send old fashioned cables back to the State Department in times of great urgency, they send emails.”