Obama's Re-Election Embraced by Cuba, Parts of Latin America

Obama's Re-Election Embraced by Cuba, Parts of Latin America

The Castro family and large swaths of Latin America breathed a sigh of relief when Obama secured a second term in Tuesday’s election.

While they cannot explain exactly why they are relieved — since Obama did little for them during his first term — they are confident an Obama presidency will be better for them than a Romney administration would have been.

Speaking for Cuba, Raul Castro believes Romney would have rolled back some of the relaxed restrictions on “Cuban-American travel” and the “increased cultural exchanges” being enjoyed under Obama. Castro is joined by other Cuban officials who believe Obama will further relax restrictions on travel between Cuba and the U.S. in his second term.

Bolivian President Evo Morales believes Obama’s second term will be better for Bolivia than his first one because of the all the help “Latino voters were” in the election. Morales stated, “Obama needs to recognize and pay that debt to the Latinos.”

Although Hugo Chavez has yet to comment, some Cuban citizens who hold Chavez in high regard view the re-elections of both Chavez and Obama as very important.