Morsi Heaps Praise on Obama

Morsi Heaps Praise on Obama

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, attempting to rule Egypt with an iron Islamist hand, lavishly praised his benefactor, Barack Obama, in an interview with Time Magazine.

Morsi cooed: “President Obama has been very helpful, very helpful.”

Morsi continued, “And I can say really that his deeds coincide with his intentions.”

Morsi was asked by Obama to act as a mediator between Hamas and Israel despite Morsi’s hatred of the Jewish state, providing legitimacy to his presidency:

We’ve been talking together about the cease-fire, that’s very important. Then we can talk about differences between Palestinians and Israelis. It’s not easy. It’s very difficult. Both sides are talking about differences. We want them to talk about similarities… We are now doing this job as much as we can.

The White House has had fulsome praise for Morsi’s role in the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas but has been silent about his ruthlessness in establishing an Islamic theocracy in Egypt. 

Press Secretary Jay Carney has said the administration is “concerned” but won’t issue a condemnation, saying on Monday: “I don’t have any new language to give to you today on how our view on it — what our view on it is. I would say that we are concerned about it and have raised those concerns.”

Carney said the issue is an internal one to be solved by Egyptians.