Syrians Passing Chemical Weapons to Hezbollah?

Syrians Passing Chemical Weapons to Hezbollah?

Is there any doubt that the Obama Administration doesn’t give a damn if terrorists obliterate Israel? If there was any doubt before, it should be erased now. Israel has warned that if the Assad regime passes its chemical weapons to Hezbollah that action would cross a “red line”, but the US has said its own “red line” is only if Assad uses the weapons on the Syrian people.

Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren said Israel is watching Syria “very carefully … were those weapons to pass into the wrong hands — Hezbollah’s hands for example — that would be a game-changer for us. We have a very clear red line about those chemical weapons passing into the wrong hands. Can you imagine if Hezbollah and its 70,000 rockets would get its hands on chemical weapons? That could kill thousands of people.” 

The Obama Administration, on the other hand, worries about the Syrians instead; Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last Thursday “there will be consequences if the Assad regime makes a terrible mistake by using these chemical weapons on their own people.” 

The problem is not imaginary; a senior U.S. official said Syrian forces had loaded bombs with nerve gas loaded with sarin gas, which is deadly.