WH: Drone Footage of Benghazi Attack Went to Defense Department, Not Us

WH: Drone Footage of Benghazi Attack Went to Defense Department, Not Us

The Obama Administration is trying to muddy the waters of the Benghazi incident once again. White House officials are acknowledging that there was a live video feed from a drone flying over the U.S consulate building, but the administration is claiming they didn’t get the feed, with the live footage only going to the Defense Department.

Meanwhile, the White House won’t answer just who was watching the video at Defense, saying only “the surveillance aircraft captured footage of events on the ground… it wasn’t available that night at the White House… overhead footage was available at a DOD location.”

The State Department’s Accountability Review Board has been investigating the Benghazi incident, with State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland claiming Secretary Clinton “asked them to try to meet a 60- to 65-day timeline” in completing their inquiry.

Hmm. That would put the date of release of any findings safely after the election. Who would of thought of that? 

There is footage that was taken from closed-circuit security cameras on the consulate’s outer security walls which clearly showed what was happening; one State official said the main gate camera revealed “a large number of men, armed men, flowing into the compound” at about 9:40 PM the night of the attack.

Defense Department officials stated that the drone’s footage began two hours after the initial assault. There has been speculation that the drone’s information could have been used to coordinate a counter-assault that never occurred.

But the drone’s information came two hours after cameras on the consulate showed the assault taking place. It is difficult to conceive that the assault was not known to the State Department and the White House moments after it began. Use of the drone’s footage may be an ancillary issue if the truth is that the Obama Administration already knew what was happening and decided not to respond.