Tunisia Frees Suspect in Benghazi Attack for 'Lack of Evidence'

Tunisia Frees Suspect in Benghazi Attack for 'Lack of Evidence'

Tunisian authorities announced today the release of one of the few suspects being held in connection to the attack on the U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya that killed for Americans in September of last year. 

Ali Harzi, 26, was one of two Tunisians reported to have been detained in Turkey in October 2012 in connection with the attack in Benghazi. At the time that he was detained, the Tunisian authorities “strongly suspected” he was involved. Harzi’s lawyer, Anwar Oued-Ali, told international outlets today that his client had been “conditionally” freed for lack of evidence

It appears that the “lack of evidence” is due to a lack of interest from the Libyan government to investigate the attack. William Lawrence, a lawyer for the North Africa division of the International Crisis Group claimed, “If there had been a better investigation in Benghazi, this guy’s role in the whole thing would have been a lot clearer.” He went further, saying, “The fundamental issue is that the Libyans aren’t prioritizing this.” 

There are also conflicting reports on whether or not Harzi has been questioned by the FBI — the agency leading the investigation of who is responsible for the attack. Reuters claims that Harzi “declined” to be interviewed last month when the FBI visited Tunisia, while the AP reports that Harzi was interviewed for three hours in the presence of a Tunisian judge.