Report: Libyan Officials Warned of Imminent Benghazi Attack

Report: Libyan Officials Warned of Imminent Benghazi Attack

Libyan officials warned Washington D.C. that an attack on the consulate was imminent days before the attack happened according to the documents the Obama admin turned over to satisfy Senate questions regarding “who changed the talking points” on Benghazi.

It is also obvious that Al-Qaeda’s suspected involvement in the Benghazi attack was broadly known from the start. But officials are now contending that references to Al-Qaeda in the talking points were erased in the editing process by press officers from the White House, the DOD, and the FBI.

The source said press officers from the Defense Intelligence agency, the White House and the FBI were “looped in” from the start and that some of them expressed concerns in writing that the media would ask follow up questions if certain words or phrases were used.

In other words, officials contend that as the talking points were passed from press shop to press shop, press officers viewing the documents removed words and phrases they thought would incite the broader press corps to ask more questions.

This means words like “attack” and names like “Al-Qaeda” were removed as various reviewers looked over the points. 

The problem with this theory is that it does not explain whey those who knew better kept up the sham, and stuck with YouTube video explanation or the impromptu-demonstration-that-spiraled-out-of-control explanation for the Benghazi attack. 

After all, the documents showed that “most if not all [email] contact” between Washington DC and Libyan officials–both prior to and after the attack began–referenced Al-Qaeda and addressed the suspicion that Al-Qaeda cells or affiliates had instigated the attack from the start.

As an anonymous source who viewed the documents said: “It’s amazing that anyone would question who was behind the attack and keep the idea of the demonstration going for weeks.”

It’s also amazing that Washington DC was warned before the attack took place, yet no one acted on the warning. 


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